The group of radiohams "Castles on the Air - Russia Team" (further COTA-RU-Team) is the voluntary noncommercial organization created on the basis of the common interests.

Goals and objectives:

  • organization and implementation of radioexpeditions in historical places relating to fortification;

  • organization and implementation of activity days and other actions heightening interest to historical objects such as fortresses, castles, forts and other fortification works among radiohams of Russia and world at large;

  • information and technical support to radiohams making radioexpeditions on fortresses, castles etc or residing near;

  • establishment of friendly links with foreign radiohams, ham radio organizations and clubs taking an interest in fortification.


Membership in COTA-RU Team is voluntary, lifelong and free of charge, realized on the basis of the application form which should be sent by post or by e-mail to the Chairman.

To be members COTA-RU Team can any radiohams, club stations and SWL which:

  • took part in expeditions on castles, fortresses etc;

  • reside near fortress, castle, fort etc and active working on the air;

  • fulfiled a conditions of any diploma of any national castles and fortresses award program or conditions of World Castles Award (WCA).

Each COTA-RU Team member gets a membership number and the registered certificate, and has the right to place the COTA-RU emblem on the QSL-card.

Each member has the right to give one's wishes, offers, requests and ideas for development and implementation of COTA-RU Team goals and objectives.

Each member has the right to leave COTA-RU Team off one's own bat.

COTA-RU Team founded:

Award programs:


Days of activity:


Application form:

Application form for COTA-RU Team membership is made in free form but need to specify:

  • call sign;

  • first and last name;

  • date of birth;

  • participation in expeditions on fortress, castles, forts etc (or residence near these objects) on the national castles and fortresses award program objects list or World Castles Award (WCA) objects list;

  • postal address, e-mail (if there is), homepage (if there is).

Application form should send by e-mail to or

Or by post to: Andrey A. Petushkov RN1CW, P.O.Box 340/5, Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad oblast, 188540, Russia

COTA-RU Team members:

#1 RN1CW Petushkov Andrey
#2 UA1CIO Chernego Vladimir
#3 UA1CBW Romanov Alexey
#4 UA1AIR Shakhov Sergey
#5 RU6UR Kamenskikh Yuri
#6 RA9MC Khoruzhenko Valentin
#7 RZ3EC Shchelkanovtsev Evgeny
#8 RK3EXA Clustation
#9 RA1QY Morozov Alexey
#10 RX1CQ Sokolov Dmitry
#11 DF6EX Meier Manfred
#12 DL5AWI Kaiser Gerhard
#13 OE3RGB Rainer Gangl

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