European Castles Day (ECD)

European Castles Day (ECD)

Goal: To promote European Ham friendship, and permit a better knowledge of the Heritage in of our countries. To perrmit also the enhancing of each of our Castles Award programs.

Date and Times: Each 3rd Sunday of May. For 2011, on May 15th - 06h00 to 16h00 UTC.

Modes: SSB and CW.

Bands: HF: 80 to 10m (except WARC bands).

Only one band or mode in a same time, no multi/multi for European Castles Day.


Op operating from a Castle area
Op resident in a Castle or in a Castle area (less than 500 meters)
Other ops and SWL

      Op class A and B: RS(T) + Castle Reference
      French Operator: RS(T) + Department number (no serial)
      Foreign operator: RS(T) + Serial number starting at 001

Points per QSO:
      80 40m 1 point
      20m 3 points
      15m 4 points
      10m 5 points

      10 per Castle
      1 per French Department
      1 per DXCC entity
Total scoring = points QSO x (Multipliers Castles + Multipliers French Departments + Multipliers DXCC entity)

Send your log up to June 2011 30th to F6FNA

QSO on the log:
Time UTC, Callsign, band, complete exchanges sent and received, points and new multipliers.
A recapitulative sheet show the Name, Surname, Call sign; complete postal address, the class, Number of QSO and the multiplier list per band and mode.
  • The Castle QSOed both on CW and SSB, count 2 multipliers per band;
  • France is a multiplier;
  • 30 minutes time between SSB and CW QSO with a same station;
  • Individuals can contact other French or foreign individuals operators.

      Cups for the HF class from Castles, using portable stations.
      Cup for Castle resident Ham.
      Cups for the other ops.
      Cup for SWL.
The rewards will be given if there will be at least 5 logs submitted in the considered class.


Jean-Pierre Lehembre F6FNA,
8, rue de Verdun,
F-77270, Villeparisis, France

The summary sheet (mandatory) and the logs can be sent par e-mail to the checker.

A software developed by Jean-Louis, F1AGW (sorry only in French Language but understandable) AGW_Chateaux is downloadable at:

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