Lake Seliger, Tver oblast, Russia

Roman's RZ3DKH photoreport

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We planned our expedition on lake Seliger (RLA: TV-001, RDA: TV-39) practically half a year. The idea has appeared in January of the current year, and up to day of departure various details like what things take with oneselves, what to eat in the trip and work on air were discussed.

By 1st of July everything was ready, and we started moving. Team was a minimum - Alexander RK3DID, Roman RZ3DKH and Tatyana RA3IAT. We decided to go by two cars, Tatyana have picked up in Tver, and therefrom with its full complement went further. The Leningrad highway is not overtrafficked in the morning and the local route Torzhok - Kuvshinovo - Ostashkov too.

RLA: TV-001 RLA: TV-001 RLA: TV-001

There were some difficulties with a technical condition of cars in the way, in particular: in RK3DID's car cooling has fallen off, in RA3IAT's car the hood release cable has come off. By common efforts the hood was opened and Alinco DR-135 screwed on. We couldn't make any QSO in Kuvshinovsky district in the direct channel because the signal was continually break off and we heard nobody.

Weather makes us glad, early morning passed into day when we have driven in Ostashkov.

RLA: TV-001 RLA: TV-001 RLA: TV-001

We decided to drop into grocery in the town to buy foodstuffs and immediately to go on searches of a place for parking. We decided to go from the town aside village Gushcha as RK3DID had been there. The road was very bad but we continued our trip in elevated mood. Having reached the above-named village, we have realised that too much people on Seliger's coast in the summer. Therefore we decided to go further on the same road aside village Svapushche.

While we leave village Gushcha, Tatyana RA3IAT has broken the right headlight by exact blow against a tree.

She is a beginner at car driving but has not damaged any vital mechanisms of the car, therefore we went further. The road was bad as before but in about 3 kilometres behind village we have found a good raised place, about 50 m from the lake's coast - an ideal variant for installation of camp and antennas.

RLA: TV-001 RLA: TV-001 RLA: TV-001

We quickly occupied taken us fancy place and have started camp placing.

RLA: TV-001 RLA: TV-001 RLA: TV-001

Tent, table, shack. The equipment has installed, antenna GP 1/4 installed too, the flag of town Korolev was solemnly hoisted.

The rest of the day has passed in household cares and attempts to solve one great unexpected problem. Our generator which we planned to use to power supply all our radio equipment, has refused to start up. Finally we have been left our attempts to receive usual 220 V in the field conditions, accumulators were taken out from cars, and well-tried tranciever FT-897 have been powered from them. 12 V is not 220 V, therefore we worked as QRP. The main band was 20 metres. Tatyana was as SWL, Roman and Alexander have made some interesting QSOs with Russian and foreign stations.

RLA: TV-001

Field week has passed quickly. Good weather, affable Seliger, a favourite hobby. Mosquitoes and other insects pestered us but it has not spoilt impressions.

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