"Russian Lakes" Award (RLA)

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The "Russian Lakes" Award (RLA) has been instituted by RZ1CWC Team and will be issued to any amateur radio operator or SWL for two-way QSO or SWL-report with radiostations working from lakes and impoundments located on territory of the Russian Federation.

To obtain the award need to have QSOs/SWLs with radio stations working from lakes and impoundments which are designated on the map in scale 1:50000, have name and the area not less than one square kilometre.

QSOs/SWLs with /MM radiostaions, radiostaions located on reservoir's islands or in coastial edge (no more than 100 meters from reservoir) are valid.

Each reservoir has identification number RLA (Russian Lakes Award): Russian oblast abbreviation + serial number starting from 001. For example: RLA: LO-001, RLA: KL-002 etc.

Some reservoirs can have several identification numbers as are territorially located in different areas (krai, oblast, republic). For example, lake Baikal is located in Irkutsk oblast and Republic Buryatiya, accordingly has two identifiers - IR and BU. In this case lake Baikal will have two numbers, for example, RLA: IR-001 and RLA: BU-001 and to be valid as two different reservoirs in accordance with administrative and territorial division of Russia.

Since March, 1st, 2011 objects identification by award program Russian Lakes Award RLA will be changed. Objects identification will be consist of two letters RL (Russian Lakes) + number of ham radio district of Russia + serial number beginning from 001. For example RL-1-001, RL-2-003 etc.

QSOs/SWLs since January, 1st, 2009 are valid. There are no restrictions by bands and kind of mode. Each reservoir is valid only once.

There are four classes of the award:

    • Class 1 - 100 different reservoirs;
    • Class 2 - 50 different reservoirs;
    • Class 3 - 10 different reservoirs;
    • HONOUR ROLL - 100 different reservoirs.

    The application for diploma is based on the extract from log and certified by signatures of two licensed radiohams.

    The lakes list you can download in MS Excel-format file here.

    The application should be sent to award manager: rn1cw@mail.ru

    Since January, 1st, 2011 the order an issue of the "Russian Lakes" Award (RLA) will change.

    Awards will be issue by two means:

    • in electronic form in PDF-format (free of charge);
    • in print form.
    The fee of RLA in print form will be:
    • For Russia - 200 Roubles, for the CIS countries - 7 EURO, 7 USD, 7 IRC.
    • For the others - 10 EURO, 10 USD, 10 IRC.

    Fee of HONOUR ROLL please ask Award Manager at the moment of application.

    Award manager address:Petushkov Andrey Aleksandrovich (RN1CW), ul.Komsomolskaya 12-49, Sosnovy Bor, Leningradskaya oblast, 188540, Russia

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