"Castles in Serbia" Award


"Castles in Serbia" Award (CISA) is given to any licensed radio-amateur for QSO / SWL with radiostations working from fortresses and castles of Serbia made by any modes on any amateur bands since the 1st of January 2014

Repeated QSO are not valid.

List of fortresses and castles qualifying for the Award you can download from WCA website or request Dragan YT2KID by e-mail:   vitezyt2kid@gmail.com

Tha Award has 3 classes:

          Class 3:  for QSO with 10 various objects;

          Class 2:  for QSO with 20 various objects;

          Class 1: for QSO with 30 various objects.

Application for the Award besides QSO data should contain object identification number of the correspondent according to CISA list (for example: YU-00005).

Awards is issued  in electronic form in JPG or PDF-format (free of charge).The application for the Award should send by e-mail to award manager Dragan YT2KID:   vitezyt2kid@gmail.com

"Castles in Serbia" Award

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